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Crime Scene & Lab


 Voigtländer Crime Scene and Forensic Laboratory Equipment

Founded in 1955 in the Blackforest, Germany, Voigtländer has its origin in manufacturing consumables for evidence collection for law enforcement in Germany. The company has continued to grow and is now operating out of Stuttgart and has a subsidiary in Blumberg, Germany.Voigtländer has been a leading supplier of law enforcement and forensic departments for decades throughout Germany and Europe.
Kleinod Pacific is proud to bring Voigtländer forensic equipment to Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia – with its large range of products, Kleinod Pacific can provide you with crimes scene consumables and equipment and training.
Global shipping available.
Crime Scene Investigations

  • Investigation Kits and Consumables
  • Fuming Chambers (portable and fixed)
  • Dakty Table 
  • Evidence Processing Workstation
  • Climatic Chambers
  • Post Mortem
  • Drug Testing



Crime Scene Lights 

We are proud to be the exclusive distributors for LUMATEC Forensic and Industry multispectral light technologies in Australia and New Zealand. Please view our LUMATEC section for more information. LUMATEC have operated since 1976 - a family business with more than 40 years of experience in their field.

Originally using light in medicine, LUMATEC evolved its product suite and has provided European forensics specialists and investigators multi-spectral light technologies for decades, enabling them to discover traces otherwise unseen. A point of difference with LUMATEC is that they develop their forensic lights in partnership with police forensic specialists and investigators; this relationship was originally driven by a close relationship with the chief of Munich's Police Force Forensic Investigations. 

With LUMATEC, there is a real focus on satisfying the end-user's requirements -  as a result their lights' output is exceptional. See for yourself.

Training Services


Fingerprint & Crime Scene Training  

If you require training for your new equipment we are happy to help.